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Faraday Future unveils production car at CES

Posted at 11:28 PM, Jan 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-04 03:23:08-05
Just moments after the FF91 rolled to center stage, a Faraday Future executive took on the naysayers saying, "we will continue on to make the impossible, possible."
The start-up electric car maker unveiled the production car in an hour and a half long presentation at CES that came just a year after the FFZERO1 concept car fell flat with critics.
The company says the FF91 can go 378 miles on a charge and goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.39 seconds.
One of the other innovations displayed during the presentation was the FF91 "valet mode." The first test had the car searching a parking lot for an open spot without a driver behind the wheel.
While that demonstration went off without a hitch, the second test didn't do as well. When Faraday Future's main investor, Jia Yuetin, tried to use the self parking feature the car sat dormant.
Nick Sampson, the executive vice president of engineering, joked the car was being "lazy."
Sampson later said they knew the layout of the building would make it difficult for the feature to work inside.
After a brief speech from Yuetin, the auto-park feature was back working and the car pulled up to the stage.
North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee said he expects these types of hiccups.
"What you saw tonight was earth shattering," Lee said.
The mayor has reason to be optimistic as Faraday Future is planning to build the FF91s in North Las Vegas.
However, the status of the factory has critics doubting the company's viability.
Faraday Future halted construction of the project in early November saying it chose to concentrate its resources on getting the FF91 ready for CES.
That paired with the departure of several high level executives recently had many questioning if the company's days were numbered.
"It is a natural thing that people join or leave a startup company," said Peter Savagian, vice president of propulsion engineering.
In some of his final words during the presentation Sampson addressed the critics.
"I can say now, without a shadow of a doubt. Despite all the naysayers, the skeptics, we will persist. We will carry on to make the impossible, possible," Sampson said.
Faraday Future is aiming to deliver its first cars in 2018 but has not set a date to resume construction of the North Las Vegas factory.
Company spokespeople only said it would come in early 2017.
Mayor Lee says he is not worried, adding the city will be ready to help Faraday Future meet its timeline.
"[Yuetin] has promised me they are building this car at Apex," Lee said.
The company has not set a price for the FF91 but is now taking $5,000 deposits from those interested in purchasing the vehicle.
Faraday Future had been teasing the unveiling on social media, showing video of tests against other cars and talking about performance goals.