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UNLV students face Nov. 1 deadline to get vaccinated or risk losing classes

UNLV vaccine mandate
Posted at 5:22 AM, Nov 01, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Time is running out for UNLV students to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Students have until Monday to get their shots or they won't be able to attend classes for the spring semester, according to university officials. Unvaccinated students will be placed on an "enrollment hold."

The university first announced the vaccine mandate back in August, saying the goal was to contain the number of COVID-19 cases on campus and bring back a sense of normalcy.

“I'm fine with it. I think it’s a good idea so people don’t get sick,” said Dylan Guerin, a graduate student at UNLV.

So far, the state has reported 287 COVID-19 cases since the school year started on Southern Nevada college campuses. Officials say they want to contain that number even more.

“I saw it coming. I think it’s good. We’re pretty strict on it. Yeah, people don’t follow it as much as I would like them to but we are trying our best,” said Eva O’Donnell, a student at UNLV.

According to UNLV, students can apply for medical or religious exemptions. Students that opt out of getting the vaccine are being allowed to continue their classes online.

As of this report, UNLV officials say they are still gathering data to show what percentage of the student body is vaccinated.