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Universal Studios to bring new and immersive horror experience to Las Vegas

Universal Studios is bringing new & immersive horror experience to Las Vegas
Posted at 7:47 PM, Jan 12, 2023

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A new year-round horror experience is coming to Las Vegas as Universal Studios plans to become a part of the Area 15 expansion, bringing a new and immersive terror experience to the area.

The Entertainment Capital of the World is about to get scared 365 days a year at Universal Studio’s first-ever permanent horror experience. The company made the announcement on Wednesday to open this new attraction in Area 15 Entertainment District, just off Rancho Dr.

The idea is to take the highly popular Halloween Horror Fest that seasonally takes place at amusement parks in Southern California and Florida and make it a year-round experience in the heart of our city. Alyssa Woohatch, who has lived in the valley for about six years says this is exactly what all the horror fans in Las Vegas need.

"I had never heard of any haunted house or haunted horror attractions or anything which surprised me because it is such a big city and it will draw in more people into that," said Woohatch.

The entertainment space will be 110,000 square feet adding a 20-acre expansion to Area 15. Universal says they will feature continuously updated experiences with dining options, but when the sun goes down, they'll become haunted. Jason Baucom, a financial analyst in the valley says it is a huge win to have a company like Universal Studios branching out in Las Vegas.

“It could provide people with the opportunity to spend more money and have it here again, have new adventures. And once they have a new adventure, they may want to come back, and they want to do it again,” Baucom said.

Olivia Diaz, Las Vegas City Councilwoman says that is the goal. She applauds the idea of another nightmare attraction, joining other options like the seasonal Fright Dome inside Circus Circus and the haunted museum.

"We will have economic development and great companies like universal studios we get awesome employment opportunities for our residents."

In a press release, Winston Fisher, Area 15 CEO says he hopes to break ground on the next phase of the complex in the next six months.