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Two off-duty NHP troopers awarded for heroic acts during 1 October shooting

Posted at 10:10 AM, Apr 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-06 14:43:42-04

Several people were honored Friday for their heroic acts during the 1 October shooting, including two off-duty NHP troopers. 

The American Red Cross honored who they're calling "Everyday Heroes."  In order to be nominated, they had to demonstrate courage, compassion, or service within their community. 

Sergeant Shawn Eckert was able to get his family, friends, and several strangers out safely. Then he got a call from a fellow trooper saying his daughter was still trapped inside. Sergeant Eckert immediately ran back inside to rescue her.

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"I know that the guys I work for would do anything for me, so I would do anything for them," says Sergeant Eckert. "That's just what we do. It's a brotherhood."

Trooper Adam Whitmarsh was also awarded. He helped triage people throughout the night of the shooting, creating makeshift tourniquets out of anything he could find, potentially saving over a dozen lives.  

"It's definitely an honor," says Trooper Whitmarsh. "I'm humbled and appreciate for the award, but there were so many heroes that night. There were so many people doing so many good things."

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