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UPDATE: Christensen family insulted by Brown penalty verdict

Posted at 1:48 PM, Jan 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-08 02:49:43-05

UPDATE FEB 7 11:30 P.M.: The family of Matt Christensen says the penalty phase of the trial for Ray Brown was a slap in the face when the jury decided he will not be given the death penalty.

“We are obviously very disappointed to not get the maximum sentence of the death penalty and to hear that he was given a chance of parole kind of seems like a slap in the face to our family considering this is all caught on camera," said Reggie Christensen, Matt's older brother.

Before the decision was delivered Friday, Brown read from a prepared letter before the judge and jury.

"I'd like to first apologize to the Christensen's for y'alls loss," said Brown.

"I cannot imagine or understand the pain and suffering about the way y'all feel because I have not been in the situation y'all are in," he added.

Brown broke down as he discussed his children and family members.

"To my kids, including my nieces and nephew,s I hope y'all grow up to forgive me," said Brown.

"Because all I ever wanted for y'all was the best and to be the best dad and father figure I could," added Brown.

Brown was given life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Brown will be officially sentenced on April 1.

UPDATE FEB 7: The jury has reached a verdict in the penalty phase of the trial for Ray Brown.

The jury's verdict in the penalty phase of the trial was life in prison with the possibility of parole for Brown after he was found guilty in the 2016 deadly robbery and shooting at Lee's Liquor.

UPDATE FEB. 6: It was an emotional day in court as jurors heard hours of testimony from Matthew Christensen's family as well as convicted killer Ray Brown's family as the death penalty phase of the case continued Friday.

Matthew Christensen's mother described her red-headed middle child's personality and his love of being in front of a camera growing up.

Theresa Christensen says her son's killer was convicted on the same day as her birthday: February 5.

"All I think about is my son, my memories," said Theresa Christensen.

"That's all I have, and nobody can take my memories, my pictures, my videos that I do have of him, those are mine, and nobody can take those away from me, nobody, not even you," Theresa Christensen said, as she turned and looked at Brown.

Matthew, who his Aunt called Matt, was considered the glue of his group of friends.

"I don't know very much about Mr. Brown. I have never heard anything about him until today," said Reggie Christensen, Matt's older brother. "But what I do know from what I've heard, he is the exact opposite man of what my brother was."

"My brother was a hard-working, loving, caring person, would do anything for you, would give the shirt off his back if it was freezing outside just to make sure you were OK," added Reggie Christensen.

Ray Brown's family, including his mother, sister, and friends took the stand to beg the jury to spare him from the death penalty.

"Do you still want to have a relationship with Ray?" asked a defense attorney.

"Oh yes, definitely," said Danielle Leland, Brown's mother's current girlfriend.

"Why?" asked the attorney.

"He calls me Momma D," said Leland, as she broke down in tears.

Brown also wiped away tears as his sister and mother took the stand.

The death penalty phase of the case resumes Friday at 9 a.m.

UPDATE FEB. 5: Ray Brown was found guilty in court of murder in the 2016 Lee's Liquor shooting that killed Matthew Christensen.

Brown was found guilty on Wednesday for the following charges: Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, Burglary While in Possession of a Firearm, Murder with a Deadly Weapon, First Degree Kidnapping with Use of Deadly Weapon, Robbery with Use of a Deadly Weapon (3 counts), Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Coercion with Use of a Deadly Weapon -- a total of nine counts.

He is due back in court tomorrow to begin the penalty phase.

UPDATE FEB. 3: Jurors deliberating in the Ray Brown capital murder trial before Judge Michelle Leavitt have gone home for the evening and will be returning tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. to continue deliberations.

This story will be updated once a verdict has been reached.

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- The trial for Ray Brown, a suspect in the 2016 Lee's Liquor shooting that killed Matthew Christensen, has started.

Ray Brown is facing a number of charges including murder, kidnapping and robbery.

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Two other men involved in the shooting already had lengthy sentences handed down last year.

The store manager, who was saved by Christensen, took the stand in court.

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