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Clerk's family reacts to Lee's shooting arrests

Posted at 11:58 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 19:15:42-04
UPDATE: An owner of Lee's Discount Liquor told 13 Action News that two of the three men suspected of the robbery turned fatal shooting have been arrested.

Kenny Lee said police had told him they caught two of the suspects accused in the robbery and shooting of employee Matthew Christensen.

Through the course of this investigation, Las Vegas homicide detectives identified 22-year-old Ray Brown and 20-year-old Lee Dominic Sykes as the suspects.

On Tuesday, both Brown and Sykes were taken into custody without incident. Both suspects will be booked into the Clark County Detention Center on charges to include murder with a deadly weapon.

Detectives are attempting to locate a person of interest in this case. The subject is identified as Lee Murry Sykes. He is 22 years old and is described as a black male adult, standing approximately 6 feet tall and having a thin build.

Christensen's brother Reggie felt "pretty good" about the arrests, which came on what would have been Matthew's 25th birthday.

"One of the suspects is the actual shooter," Reggie said.

He's relieved but also frustrated.

"Kind of difficult because Metro PD just chose to keep us out of the loop," Reggie said.

According to Reggie, Lee's called the family about the arrests, not police.

But he is glad the surveillance video of the suspects helped track them down.

"We're glad they caught two suspects and we hope they continue to catch the third one and get all of them put in jail and serve justice and hopefully get the death penalty."

Christensen's girlfriend Yvette Rioux said "they need to pay for what they did."

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- It's been eight days since an employee at Lee's Discount Liquor was killed in a violent robbery. The killers are still on the loose and Matthew Christensen's family just wants some answers.
The family is hoping they get new information on the case before they leave town on Thursday. The crystal clear surveillance video was posted on YouTube by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and it's racked up tens of thousands of views.
You can clearly see the faces of the three hooded men before they rob the shop, shoot Christensen, and run away.
Police told the family they have a few leads but they say they haven't been given an update every day.
The family is frustrated with the investigation and believes someone out there knows who these three men are.
"I mean I feel like they should at least keep in contact once a day and say hey you know we don't have any new leads or hey we found this out but after the whole staged thing about this really upsets me and we're gonna get these guys," said brother Reggie Christensen. "That was all good and well but they're not really showing the action of that they're doing anything because they're not communicating."