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Toddler with special needs gets free bike to help movement

Posted at 11:27 AM, Jun 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 16:03:27-04

A valley mom says her hopes of having her 3-year-old son learn to walk could finally come true. It's all thanks to a Henderson man who built the toddler a special needs bike, for free.  

"I'm familiar with their needs," says Bob with Bob's Bikes for Needy Kids. 

The first bike Bob every built was for his grandson who has autism. That was four years ago, and since then, he has designed and repaired other bikes for more special needs kids. 

The latest bike was for 3-year-old Beau, who has cerebral palsy.  It's a neurological disorder that impairs movement and motor function, which means crawling and walking can be very difficult. However, cycling can help him with his movement.  It's all about muscle memory, and with his new bike, Beau will use his arms to crank the handles which is a very similar movement he'll need to learn how to crawl, and eventually walk.  

"I think now that he's spending that time on the bike and cranking the handles, [walking] is something that could happen, it's a possibility," says Beau's mother, Taylor Sheridan Broussard. 

Bob has bikes for all types of children, and you can find them on his Facebookpage.