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Man does own detective work on dirt bike theft, but still no arrests

Posted at 11:57 PM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-22 03:05:44-04
A valley man had his dirt bikes stolen out of his truck and then got them back in a sting operation led by a good Samaritan back in July. Now, Kevin Harlow says justice still has not been served because the thieves still have not been arrested.
Harlow's combined value $15,000 dirt bikes were stolen out of the back of his pickup truck. They were returned to him in a fairly dangerous sting operation set up by a random man from Craigslist. The bad news, the thieves were never caught even though Harlow was face to face with them at one point.
"We ended up finding out who they were, going on Facebook, and checking out all the pages," he said.
Harlow had names and pictures of the guys he calls thieves.
"All of that was given directly to the police which is basically doing their job for them."
But unfortunately for Harlow, nothing more was ever done.
"Things that are not a murder or a bombing or a shooting at McCarran Airport are going to fall through the cracks because they are not important to them, but to us average citizens, this stuff is important," he said.
It doesn't end there, ever since Harlow got his stolen dirt bikes back, he has spotted the alleged thieves twice. Plus, he says, both times he saw them, they were on more stolen dirt bikes.
"I ran across two dirt bikes in the left turn lane on Allen, same guys, saggy pants, no helmets, no gloves."
He typed in "stolen dirt bikes KTM" on Craigslist and the result confirmed his thought.
"Exact match to the bikes I saw riding on Ann Road," Harlow said.
Harlow says he appreciates the hard day to day work of police but he wants these guys off the streets.
"They have to go after people that are stealing everything from everybody, it's just non-stop."
13 Action News reached out to Las Vegas police to find out where they stand in this investigation, but they did not get back to us before deadline.