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Teachers are fed up, demand CCSD implement safety policies ahead of scheduled changes to schools

Eldorado High School - Las Vegas
Posted at 8:21 PM, Apr 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 00:40:07-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The violent attack on a schoolteacher at Eldorado High School has teachers on edge.

Many plan on attending a protest at Clark County School District headquarters on Wednesday, and the Clark County School District is already working on implementing safety measures, starting with Eldorado High School.

Vicki Kreidel is one of the organizers of the protest; she is not, however, affiliated with the teacher’s union. She says since she started teaching for CCSD in 2002, she’s seen the violence increase — specifically toward the end of the school year.

She says the new safety measures CCSD is trying to implement come too little, too late.

"They haven't done enough," Kreidel said. "It is too late for committees, it is too late for town halls, it is too late for 'let's meet and negotiate what's going to happen.' Things should have already been in place, and the fact that we have a colleague in the hospital proves that."

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Kreidel says by her calculations, there should be roughly 400 people showing up to protest at CCSD headquarters on Wednesday.

She and other teachers are preparing a list of demands and suggestions to keep schools safe. Some of those suggestions include updating camera systems and implementing panic buttons.

John Vellardita, the executive director of Clark County Education Association, says the district is already working with the union to start implementing these changes to county schools.

Vellardita says CCSD will update camera systems in all Clark County schools and add additional cameras where they are not present. He also says the district is looking to add more bodies to schools — be it more monitors, school police or even teaming up with local police to help patrol schools.

"You've had a shortage of school monitors or school safety officers — where are you going to make up these bodies from?" Vellardita said. "Well, this is something that the school district is working on. Obviously, we're not the only ones. We've had a shortage of a number of positions in the school district, on a significant scale. People like to blame it on the district, but I think it's a national problem."

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The district will also send out letters to parents to make sure the no-violence policy is understood, and that everyone knows how seriously the district plans to crack down on incidents of violence.

The focus, for now, is Eldorado High School and making sure these changes are in place before students and teachers return to school after Spring Break on April 18.