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Teacher raises security concerns at Las Vegas middle school

Posted at 6:05 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 22:16:33-04

Some parents and teachers are concerned about the security of a valley middle school.

A teacher at Grant Sawyer Middle School reached out to 13 Action News about how easy it was for anyone to walk in the front door and wander the halls.

We found people picking up students at the end of the day who agreed.

"The main office is right there so there's windows and I feel like they're always checking who's coming in, but beyond the main office, I feel like it's pretty open," said Miguel Hernandes, an older sibling to a student.

Some parents said that the layout of the school is something that was contributing to their security concerns.

The Clark County School District says only Ernest Becker Middle School has the same open-style design.

Most parents we talked to generally agreed security is overall pretty stout.

"They're going to ask you where you're going, what do you need," said Asnakch Shewatak, who has two children at Sawyer. "They asked me right now when I went there."

Darby Jones, a Sawyer parent, made the suggestion to install a bell noise on the door like in a retail store so office staff know when someone comes in.

13 Action News reached out to CCSD Police, but officers were unavailable for interviews.