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Surveillance video shows shocking moments in Lee's Liquor murder

Posted at 9:54 PM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 02:37:44-04
Surveillance video submitted to the grand jury is shedding new light on the Lee’sLiquor robbery and murder.
The Clark County Grand Jury indicted Lee Dominic Sykes, Lee Murray-Sykes and Ray Brown in the robbery and killing of Lee’s Liquor employee Matthew Christensen.
During the hearing, prosecutors presented nearly three minutes of surveillance footage from inside the store showing the robbery and shooting that killed Christensen.
13 Action News has chosen not to show the shooting out of respect for the victim’s family.
The two employees and a customer in the store during the robbery testified before the grand jury.
Jamie Henderson, the manager on duty when the three suspects rushed into the store.
“The first thing they said was ‘this is a robbery, open the register,’,” Henderson told the grand jury. “They told everyone to get down on the ground which you can see in the video I didn’t do cause, you know, I’m eight months pregnant.”
In the video shown to jurors, the two armed suspects identified by investigators as Brown and Lee Dominic Sykes are seen heading for the two registers.
Prosecutors say it is Lee Dominic Sykes seen holding Craig Davidson at gunpoint as he removes cash from the register.
“One guy came around the counter, put a gun to my head, told me to open the register, which I did,” Davidson testified in front of the grand jury.
The manager was at a register that was empty, but says the second gunman, identified as Brown, still made her open it.
When he saw there was no cash, the manager says Brown said “Where’s the safe?”
It is at that point; Henderson testified that Christensen spoke up and told him,"it’s in the back.”
The suspect identified as Brown is then seen heading towards the 24-year-old with his gun drawn.
Christensen then leads the suspect to the back room and the safe.
Both Henderson and  Davidson testified they then heard the two men arguing in the back room with Christensen saying he didn’t know how to open the safe.
At some point during the robbery, Henderson said the third unarmed suspect noticed she was pregnant.
Police have identified that suspect as Lee Murray-Sykes.
Henderson said at that point Lee Murray-Sykes told her, “don’t worry, you’re going to be okay.”
The customer in the store as the suspects entered said Lee Murray-Sykes told her “just go, go” as she made her way out of the store.
As the argument between Christensen and the suspect continued in the back room, both employees testified they heard a single gunshot.
That drew the attention of the other gunman who ran back to check on the situation.
The second gunman was in the back room for just five seconds, before the gunman identified as Brown is seen firing several shots hitting and killing Christensen.
All three suspects then rushed out of the store as Henderson went to check on Christensen and call 911.
All three men were indicted on various charges tied to the robbery and murder.
The Clark County District Attorney is pursuing the death penalty against Brown and Lee Dominic Sykes.