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Storms, intense heat and humidity is bringing out all the desert pests in Las Vegas

Posted at 11:43 PM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-27 09:23:12-04

A baby rattlesnake was not the kind of pest the Berthouxs were expecting to find in traps set up around their Las Vegas home.

 "I'm glad it didn't go anywhere else. Glad that it actually caught it before it got into the house," said Arnud Berthoux, who has 2 small children with his wife. 

Fortunately the rattler was dead by the time it was found in the garage. But unfortunately, because of our intense heat and recent rain, a lot of pests that were dormant in the winter seem to be abundant right now. 

James Hildebrand works for Red Rock Pest Control.

"This heat draws everything up and out," said Hildebrand.

Not just snakes. Everything. 

"A lot of heavy roaches right now," he said. "It's bringing out the scorpions for us. Starting to see a lot of spring tails, ants popping out due to humidity."

Hildebrand said certain pests are worse in certain parts of Southern Nevada. 

"Every part of town has its own downfall. North Las Vegas has its spiders. The outskirts of Vegas has scorpions, snakes. And then in the middle of town, the kind kind of older areas you're getting roaches. Your getting roof rats and deer mice."