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Area 51 Mania: Bust in the Dust?

Posted at 10:21 PM, Sep 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-21 03:50:43-04

NEVADA (KTNV) — The viral social media event "Storm Area 51" has seen less than expected crowds at the beginning of the planned festivities.

Overnight temperatures were in the 30s and 40s that caught a lot of revelers off guard, and the winds left many shivering on Thursday.

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Authorities were preparing for an expected crowd of more than 30,000 people but said only a fraction of the concertgoers have shown up as of Friday evening in Rachel, Nev

Business owners who made the trip to Rachel said they did not know what to expect for the weekend but came stocked with supplies and merchandise.

Those who have attended the events have set up tents, campers, and RVs as there's simply not enough hotel rooms within miles.

"I think they are silly, they say they can't stop us all, but come on, really, you agree to try and storm a top-secret classified military base? I think it was a gimmick to get up here," said trucker Jarrod Starnes.

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Bands are expected to continue to hit the stage at AlienStock with a little more people in attendance over the weekend, but the initial turnout has been less than anticipated.