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Questions remain after Vegas Councilman Steve Seroka resignation

Posted at 8:07 PM, Mar 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-06 03:07:43-05

UPDATE MARCH 5: There are public and not-so-public reasons that could explain why the local lawmaker gave up his City Council seat.

As 13 Action News first reported last year, the blistering battle over Badlands pitted Seroka against powerful developer Yohan Lowie who wants to build homes on the defunct Queensridge golf course.

In a February 2017 planning commission meeting, Seroka made his opposition to that development clear.

“Over my dead body will I allow a project that will set a precedent that will ripple across the community regarding property values not just in Queensridge, but throughout the community. I ask you to find that moral courage to stand up,” Seroka said.

Legal battles over Badlands continue to rage on, as did a recall effort to boot Seroka out of office, until Monday.

That's what the public has seen, but there's something else they haven't.

An informed source told 13 Action News that Seroka is the subject of a human resources complaint filed by a female subordinate.

The city staffer filed the complaint after the two went on an out-of-state trip in late 2018.

Seroka did not acknowledge that complaint in his resignation letter and has not returned multiple calls or texts for comment. The city said it has no official comment either.

Sources also said the complaint could lead to a hefty settlement.

At this time, the female staffer's identity will not be released. Details of her complaint have not been made public.

Las Vegas Councilman Steve Seroka has resigned from his position Monday evening.

Seroka wrote a letter stating his plans to resign effective immediately from his Ward 2 position.

The City Council now decides on the vacated position. However, no further details were immediately released.