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UNLV police: Tips for staying safe on campus

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Posted at 8:39 PM, Oct 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-26 00:55:53-04

After a student was attacked on campus on Sunday, we're looking at ways students can protect themselves while attending classes at UNLV.

On the east side of campus along Maryland Parkway, you won’t see fences, gates or any physical barrier between campus and the surrounding area.

It’s a problem that UNLV police say makes it harder to tackle crime.

“There are numerous, too many count ways to gain entry and exit but our officers do a great job covering everything but there are only a few places they can cover at once,” said Sgt. Paul Velez, UNLV police services.

Recently, a student was pistol-whipped and robbed in a UNLV parking lot near Tropicana and Maryland Parkway.

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And that suspect is still out there.

But UNLV police urge that there are ways students can protect themselves.

Right after the sun sets, students can hop a ride in a ride-share golf cart, called Rebel Ride. The free service works in connection with officers who are already out patrolling campus and can give students rides.

UNLV also has new emergency call boxes that students can use whenever they feel unsafe.

Since last year, 10 additional boxes have been installed. They are more visible and taller than the older ones. The new additions are also equipped with LED lights and a PA system with many of them placed in parking lots where police say they’ve seen an increase in vehicle crimes.

Students are encouraged to download the RebelSafe App, which can connect anyone to an emergency dispatcher via chat if they're unable to talk.

Students can also safely request a security escort or take a friend walk, so a buddy can know exactly where you are.

More tips can be found here