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UPDATE: Standoff, sex-trafficking suspect breaks down in court

Posted at 10:18 PM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 21:29:39-05
UPDATE ON JAN. 23:  Standoff suspect, 36-year-old Tyree Wright, appeared in court Monday, and broke down in tears as he learned he won't be getting out from behind bars anytime soon.  
Wright is accused of beating a woman that authorities say he forced into prostitution. He is now charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and sex trafficking.  
The judge decided to hold Wright without bail, calling the details in his arrest report horrific.  
"I find it ironic that he's crying, because he wasn't crying as he was beating this woman half to death," said Judge Ann Zimmerman.  
"These are just allegations, your honor," said Wright's defense team.  
Wright will appear in court again next month.  
LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Beaten and left for dead. A woman says her boyfriend forced her into prostitution and when she tried to end the relationship, he savagely beat her.
Her ex-boyfriend was at the center of a police standoff near Deer Springs Way and Durango Drive Wednesday night.
And now Tyree Wright is locked up at the Clark County Detention Center. His ex-girlfriend says he beat her so badly she feared she was going to die.
"I was left for dead," says Angela, who only wants to give her first name. “I'm in so much pain. It hurts so much."
Angela says her ex-boyfriend beat her so viciously he left her with a fractured skull.
"I thought I was going to die halfway through." she says.
Angela had broken up with Wright earlier this month. Last Friday, around 9 in the morning, she says Wright showed up at her door. She thought he was trying to get back together.
“Opened my door to a bouquet of flowers." 
Then Angela says Wright unleashed a savage attack, beating her with a metal baton in a blood-thirsty rage.
“He came in and tackled me like a football player."
Angela tried to protect herself. She says Wright showed no mercy.
"If I didn't have my broken arm and my broken hand, my skull would be crushed and I would be brain dead or dead," Angela says.
Angela, a mom, already worked in the adult entertainment industry. She says Wright lived off the money she made.
"I am scared. I'm afraid of him. And I don't ever want to see him again."
Angela’s right forearm is broken, now in a cast. Her left hand is shattered.
"I can't even bathe myself or feed myself. I need somebody with me all the time and it's so hard."
A police report released for Wright revealed that he reportedly forced her into prostitution not soon after the two began dating in July 2014.
He required her to make at least $2,500 per day and turn it over to him. If she didn't, he would beat her. Angela claims that one time he even made a video of a beating and posted it on social media.
She tried to leave him several times and moved into a new apartment in early January, hoping he would not find her. Wright allegedly texted her and told her that she had to pay him $10,000 as a "make up fee" for not working. She refused to do so.
She did not see him again until Jan. 13 when he showed up at her apartment and beat her.
January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Angela wants survivors to know there is hope and help.
Wright is charged with attempted murder, sex trafficking and kidnapping.
Angela has a GoFundMe set up for medical expenses.