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SQUATTER SPOTTERS: Squatters take over private property behind dumpster

Posted at 8:23 PM, Apr 13, 2017

Squatters have decided to set up shop behind dumpsters located on private property. The property is Sutton Place Condominiums near Tropicana and Eastern avenues.

The people living in the condos have been complaining for a couple weeks now.

13 Action News went to check out the problem.

It appears someone built a makeshift bedroom behind the dumpsters. The area was pretty hidden. There was an old couch, a few bikes, clothes and other odds and ends.

We asked the person sleeping back there what they were doing and when they planned to leave.

The man told 13 Action News he was just staying with his friend and his friend had only been there one week.

We informed the man it is private property and the manager is upset that people are taking advantage and living on the property.

The man cooperated until the end when he turned hostile and started to cuss at our camera crew. The man took off on his bicycle.

The property manager says squatters have set up shop behind the dumpsters three times in the past six years.

They have had issues with homeless people squatting inside empty units and the storage units for a long time. The manager says she calls 311 every time she is alerted to the problem.