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'Someone's in there I think': Las Vegas police release additional 911 calls from Ruggs crash

Aftermath of fatal crash involving former Raider Henry Ruggs III
Posted at 1:43 PM, Nov 10, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — In newly-released 911 calls of the deadly crash involving former Raiders player Henry Ruggs III, callers can be heard describing an intense fire at the scene of the crash to police.

"Oh, my God," one woman is heard telling a 911 operator. "There was an accident here on Rainbow and Spring Valley Parkway. The car's on fire."

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"Oh my god," she says again after providing additional information to the operator. "I can't get no one to help." The dispatcher then tells the woman that a call is set up and continues to question her for information.

The dispatcher asks the caller to confirm there are two vehicles involved. She does and explains that she did not witness the crash but says, "I am looking at it, though."

While trying to describe what the vehicle on fire looks like, the caller is heard telling the 911 operator, "I have no idea what it looks like, all I see is flames. And it's almost all gone."

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The dispatcher asks the woman if she knows of any weapons or if anyone was drinking, to which she says she is unsure and then says something inaudible before saying, "yelling for help. Someone's in there, I think."

The 911 operator asks, "You believe someone is in the vehicle that's on fire?"

The caller replies, "Yes. They were yelling and you can't get near it!"

The 911 operator then says she will let the fire department know and the call ends.