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Some gas stations in Las Vegas out of gas

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Posted at 5:55 PM, Jul 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-19 13:50:51-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Going to the pump can give you a surprise lately since many gas stations may have no gasoline.

Several residents have reported some gas stations are out of fuel in the Las Vegas valley.

While most are able to find the gas type they need at another gas station, the situation is already creating some turmoil among residents and tourists

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Rafael Levy needed gas for his taxicab. He was in such a rush he didn't see the sign in front of him that said there was no gas. It wasn't until he saw that gas was not pumping that he realized there was no gas available.

“Where the hell am I going to get gas from? I have to go back to the yard, this is ridiculous,“ said Levy.

He was not the only one surprised since the gas station had diesel but no gasoline.

“I'm looking for gas, I'm on my way home back from LA and we need to find gas and apparently is not here,“ said tourist Shawn Han.

“I'm just lucky driving a Prius but still I'm feeling it when they say no gas is available,“ shared Gebrehiwot Biru.

13 Action News saw firsthand that some gas stations only had diesel for sale on Sunday.

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AAA Nevada says there is not a shortage of gasoline but of truck drivers

“The shortage and unavailability of drivers continues. So, what we recommend is try not to wait until the very last minute when you need fuel because you may end up need to drive to another gas station," said Sergio Avila, AAA Nevada spokesperson. "Typically what we've found is that it is strictly contained to one or two brands of gasoline.“

The high demand for gas also not helping the current situation.

“Even with this driver shortage, a lot of the shortages are short-term disruptions. So, there is no need for people to panic buy,“ expressed Paul Enos, Nevada Trucking Association CEO.

There are plenty of stations with gasoline available but is unknown for how long currently. Still, it’s best not to hoard gas, since that could create more problems including a gas price increase.