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Security system doesn't scare away criminals at Las Vegas home

Posted at 3:21 PM, Aug 03, 2017

A Las Vegas father thought he was doing the right thing. He invested in a security system, but it didn't stop or even scare away the criminals.

His home is located in a gated community near South Rainbow Boulevard and West Robindale Road.

Not only did the security system not stop the criminals, it may have helped them.

"You know I hope they do turn yourself in, I guess, I doubt they will but we have photos we have video we're going to find a way to get them," said Mike Cummings, the owner of the home that was broken into.

In the home surveillance video it looks like several people broke into the home while the family was out of town. They broke windows, threw a safe down the stairs, and stole money and jewelry.

The house alarm went off during the burglary. The home is supposed to be secured by ADT, but the homeowner says an ADT official never even made it to his home. They got stuck at the neighborhood's gate.

He woke up to several messages on his phone.

13 Action News reached out to ADT. They have not answered any questions.

The homeowner says the alarm was going off for an hour. Cummings says a security agent didn't call police, it was a neighbor who heard it and called 911.

"I wonder for people, you know, if you are trapped if you can't get to your phone who comes to help you out? I'm not sure," said Cummings.

Las Vegas police haven't made an arrest in this case yet.