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Adults accused of aggressive driving near local school

Posted at 11:20 PM, Feb 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-28 13:45:11-05

A grandmother is taking matters into her own hands to make her grandkids' walk to school safer. 

11-year-old Adrian Ocampo never knows what to expect on his daily walks to George E. Harris Elementary School near Twain and Sandhill. 

"One time this lady had flipped me off," Ocampo said, "She was going 45 miles per hour over there."

That's just one example of aggressive drivers speeding near the school. After dismissal, parent pick-up also gets dangerous.


A 13 Action News camera caught people parking in bike lanes and ignoring speed limit signs. 

"There's no control out here at all. Something needs to change," said Katie Jones, Adrian's grandmother. 

Jones said she's been concerned about the problem for five years. She no longer lets Adrian and his 7-year-old brother walk to school alone even though they live just a few houses away. 

13 Action News is working to find out if LVMPD is aware of the traffic concerns. A spokesperson for the Clark County School District could not immediately provide a statement about the issue. 

Jones said parents should take the first steps toward stopping the dangers. 

"Get here a little bit earlier, pick up your kids, and be safe," she said.