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1 October shooting survivor struggles to make ends meet

Posted at 11:13 PM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 10:48:43-05

A woman who survived the shooting at the Route 91 country music festival on October 1 was expecting money from the Vegas Strong Fund and has yet to see a dime. 

Kimberly Baker was bartending at the Route 91 festival the night a gunmen opened fire on the crowd, killing 58 people and injuring more than 500 others. 

"We saw people being shot, we saw people being trampled," she said. "It was just horrible." 

Since then, Baker has been unable to regularly attend work.

"I've missed two months of work. It's just so hard to go to work and do what you have to do," she said.

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Baker was expecting money from the Vegas Strong Fund, an account set up by the National Resorts Association. 

Contact 13 learned 12 victims received checks out of the Vegas Strong Fund in December. 

Baker was under the impression she'd receive money from the second round of checks disbursed, but those checks were placed on hold with little explanation. 

"We were actually out to dinner, actually having peace for one minute, not worrying about bills and stuff thinking we were all going to get the money the next day and then they canceled on all of us," she said. 

13 Action News tried to get clarification from the president of the Vegas Strong Fund. We did not receive a response. The organization has yet to explain how the money will be handed out or when.