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Returning employee of Palms Casino Resort is glad to work once again

Returning Palms Casino Resort employee is glad to work once again
Posted at 7:30 PM, Apr 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-06 00:06:46-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — This reopening is a blessing for many returning employees after two years of having to question what was going to happen next. Many are looking forward to returning to the Palms.

Cosme Montenegro is thrilled to be able to return to what he calls his second home.

“It feels great to see the faces that I have been seeing for 20 years,” Montenegro said.

He has been a loyal employee of the Palms since the very beginning when it first opened in 2001. He has created long-lasting relationships and has had a reliable place to work.

Then the pandemic hit the valley, and the doors to the Palms were closed in March of 2020.

“I mean it changed everybody’s lives,” Montenegro said. "Out of nowhere this pandemic came and we had to say, 'bye,' to this beautiful place."

During the two years that the Palms was closed things were challenging for Montenegro and his family. He says he relies heavily on our hospitality industry. The new owners, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, became his saving grace.

“We are finally home,” Montenegro said.

Cynthia Kiser Murphy, the Palms General Manager, says she is glad to welcome many like Montenegro back. She says it’s the team that makes the Palms a great place.

“We have had an overwhelmingly positive experience and why is that great, it’s great because there is a vibe, there is a magic, there is a real commitment and dedication by the people who use to work here," Murphy said.

Montenegro says he is looking forward to bringing back the magic of the Palms to the valley once again.

Murphy says they have focused on prioritizing the return of employees. Their goal is to have more than 1,400 employees by the time they open their doors, and they are looking to hire more.

If you’re interested to apply, click here.