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Residents find decapitated roosters in Desert Shores

Posted at 11:52 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 11:02:34-05
13 Action News has told you about strange and deadly things happening in Desert Shores for awhile. The latest is a handful of decapitated roosters.
Lori McGrath first spotted two rooster heads floating in the water.
"They were amputated, floating in the water," said McGrath.
She then called Animal Control to come check it out. Together they went and looked inside the nearby dumpsters and found a bag full of headless roosters.
"When they opened the bag, at least five or more bodies were located."
McGrath says Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's Animal Cruelty Unit will be investigating where the headless roosters came from.
13 Action News was unable to get any information from Desert Shores Homeowners Association due to Monday being a holiday.
"If you have animals that are being killed, it should be alarming to all of us because it doesn't usually stop with animals being killed," said McGrath.
13 Action News told you about ducks being run over in Desert Shores and swans being slaughtered more than a year ago.
McGrath and a few other neighbors are working on getting together a waterfowl committee due to everything's that's happened in Desert Shores.