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Mass eviction: Residents forced to leave as Las Vegas mobile home park closes

Posted at 5:16 PM, Jun 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-02 14:50:26-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Residents of the Desert Paradise Mobile Park have been evicted, and many are left with no place to go.

Clark County officials say code enforcement deemed the homes on the property unsafe and not up to county code.

The park is now closed, but residents like Kristal Lara are still left behind picking up their belongings and finding a new place to live.

"It's just a nightmare, I’m scared that I may have to be homeless again," Lara said.

Her biggest concern is having to end up on the streets once again. She became a resident here at Desert Paradise Mobile Home Park about three years ago and rented one of the units.

However, the park has now closed, and residents have been evicted.

"It's horrible, horrible, we have put with so much stuff here it's so horrible, but we have nowhere else to go,” Lara said.

She says this mobile home park has had problems from electrical to plumbing, and even though she's been making several repairs herself when she received the eviction notice, her heart sank.

Lara says she is unsure of where she will go next.

"It's falling apart, and we had to do so many things ourselves to keep it going because maintenance wasn't doing anything," Lara said.

Erik Pappa, a Clark County Spokesperson says the mobile home units on the site are unsafe and do not comply with county code which led to the closure of the mobile home park. Pappa also says the owner of the property did not have a business license and owes thousands in delinquent property taxes.

Pappa says that the county code enforcement notified tenants in mid-February that they needed to vacate the property by May 31. Anthony Fain says he has built a life at this mobile park, and now it has been taken away from him.

"We shouldn't have that little of time to get our stuff out and the fact that everything will be locked up and if you can't get our stuff out marshal will be here to kick you out, so what, we forfeit the rest of our stuff," Fain says.

He quickly loaded up his truck with whatever would fit.

"It's extremely hard if you have nowhere to go and you don't know where you will be taking your stuff how do you pack your stuff to take it somewhere," he said.

The Clark County Spokesperson says they have provided social services to assist these residents since the notice to vacate was given back in February. Financial assistance was also provided to help residents move into a new place.

The owner of the property has agreed to clean up the site and work with the county. Channel 13 did reach out to the owner and at this point, we have not heard back from them.