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Redefining the Day: Couple gets engaged during 1 October remembrance ceremony

A couple that survived the Las Vegas mass shooting in 2017 decided to mark a new milestone in life by getting engaged
Posted at 8:51 PM, Oct 01, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — During Tuesday's Sunrise Remembrance Service for 1 October, one couple decided to give the day a brand new meaning.

There was a special and happy moment of love as Jino Amparan and Anissa Campos got engaged to be married during the event.

"For me, it was after that moment, I was like, all right, I know who he is, he is who he says he is," said Campos.

In October 2017, Campos and Amparan were attending the Route 91 festival and at the time, they were not technically dating but found themselves in a situation that would become a pivotal moment in their soon-to-be relationship.

"I kind of took my roll as a fireman and it's my job, some of the things were what I do day-to-day, that's how I left," described Amparan as he and Campos rushed to save lives during the gunfire.

Amparan was honored by Oxnard, Calif., just weeks after the shooting in December 2017 for provided life-saving aid to the injured and helping to load people into private vehicles in order to be transported to local hospitals.

"The concert was super emotional, we went through a lot but it also brought us closer together," added Campos.

Amparan got on one knee and proposed to Campos.

"This has always been a special day for us, and this on top of the engagement makes it that much more special," said Campos.

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Source: Clark County

The couple shares their message for everyone: appreciate the little things, cherish the big things and most importantly don't waste a moment of life.

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