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Rare donations made to Nevada State Museum

Posted at 8:10 AM, Jun 01, 2017

Out of the blue, the Nevada State Museum Las Vegas just got in some rare donations.

People often call or just walk in with old stuff. Part of this latest batch is inspiring its own exhibit.

The museum received more than a hundred drawings of showgirls. They are costume sketches. They've been able to match some of the sketches with the actual, real-life costumes.

There's going to be a new display going up in July with some of this stuff.

They also got a pair of handmade eyelashes made out of black construction paper. Apparently, a showgirl preferred them to the store bought kind!

They never know what people will bring through the front doors, but they'll always take a look.

"Sometimes we're out there on the prowl and looking looking looking and asking asking asking, but sometimes... we get lucky and things come to us," said Karan Feder, the guest curator of costumes and textiles at the museum.

"Sometimes you find the most amazing things photographs, books that how would we even know where to find it," said Dennis McBride, the museum's director.

Perhaps the rarest of the recent donations: a naval uniform from the USS Nevada. It's more than 100 years old and in great condition.