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Random rock thrown through driver's back window

Posted at 11:42 PM, Oct 14, 2016

A valley driver is terrorized for seemingly no reason at all when a rock projectiles through his car's back window.

Brandon Kozminski says it sounded like his engine exploded. The boom echoed through his 1963 VW Bug as he idled, waiting to make a turn Thursday at Buffalo Drive and Gomer Road.

"I turn around and I see a dirt biker taunting me through the window, possibly flipping me off," Kozminski said.

His younger brother Blake was in the backseat. Glass shattered over Blake's head and the large rock landed just inches from him.

"I was just in shock," Blake Kozminski said. "I just didn't know what happened."

No one in the family knows who threw the rock or why.

The apparent randomness of the attack had the boys' mother's mind racing.

"What if [the rock] hit the motor?" Brandee Kozminski said. "What if it made them spin out? What if they lost control? What if the rock hit Brandon driving? I thought about everything."

Brandee Kozminski posted pictures of the damage on social media hoping someone would know the orange and black dirt bike Brandon and Blake saw speed away. No luck there yet.

But it turns out a man who saw the post had the exact window that was destroyed and decided to give it to Brandon free of charge.

The family plans to file a police report Monday.