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Proximity to Allegiant Stadium helps business thrive

Posted at 12:59 AM, Sep 14, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Less than a mile away from Allegiant Stadium is a little hole in the wall serving up what Vegas claims are some of the best barbecues in town. Jessie Rae’s Barbecue, located on South Valley View Blvd. has been open for six years.

With the opening of Allegiant Stadium, this location becoming a hot spot for Raiders’ game day. Michael Ross, the owner, said his business has gone up significantly.

“it’s been really nice having foot traffic for once because pretty much we went six years with building the business online and through social media so it’s good to have a couple of days a week where we get organic foot traffic,” said Ross.

He got a taste of what game day was like during the Raiders’ first pre-season game in August. Ross said the number of orders coming in was through the roof. Ever since then his business has continued to thrive.

“The amount of people that we see on gamedays is at least three times we used to, I’m not sure the exact headcount but our sales have skyrocketed on those days,” Ross explained.

In preparation for game day, Ross said he makes an estimate about how many people will be at the event to determine how much meat he will need and how long he needs to be open. Being only three minutes away from the stadium helps them cater to their customers at a quicker rate.

“Factor in the online delivery, we get people tailgating that is bringing our food to the stadium or wherever they are tailgating, so we factor all that and it makes a huge difference,” said Ross.

He said especially after going through a tough time during this health crisis, he cannot be more thankful for the location he has and how much this stadium is helping our local economy.

“It has given us a lot more opportunity for us to get our name out there, where usually we are kind of hitting the pavement pretty hard and now things are kind of coming to us for once which is really nice,” Ross said.