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Pregnant mother deals with flooding at Parkway Apartments

Posted at 6:36 PM, Jul 01, 2016

Tenants at Parkway Apartments are dealing with a mess after rain flooded many of the units on Thursday. 

Cassandra Murray is one of the tenants that noticed the water flowing in from her window. 

"It sounded like the hail was about to break the window, but it wasn't hail, it was the rain piling up rushing through the window," Murray said. 
Murray moved into one of the apartment's underground units. 
She said was never made aware of the issue before moving in, but neighbors tell her it isn't the first time the apartments have flooded. 
"We would have never moved in. I'm pregnant and I have my daughter and it would have made no sense to move in here," Murray said. 
When 13 Action News arrived to the Parkway Apartments in Silverado Ranch, there were multiple units being repaired. 
"The neighbor...when he came home his bedroom was messed up too," Murray said. 
13 Action News reached out to management at Parkway Apartments, but as of Friday afternoon they had no response.