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Power back on at mobile-home park after 13 Action News investigates

Posted at 12:07 AM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 03:16:48-04


 An entire community was without power for nearly 46 hours. Neighbors at the Boulder Cascades mobile-home park roasted in the heat during the day groped around in the dark with no lights at night, all this with no air conditioner, just as it’s getting hot outside.

For Donna Vega it was pure hell. “Horribly frustrating, unbearable,” said Vega, whose electricity went out on Monday. “Since Monday night at 9 o’clock.”

And that meant no lights at night and no air conditioning during the day. “It was 88 degrees in here,” Vega said. “I set the flashlights up in each room and i had the candles going all night.” 

Vega had to load her pets into the car keep them from suffering. “I’ve been driving around for three hours with my dogs—in the car. To keep ‘em cool, I’m putting ‘em in the car to keep them nice and cool in the air conditioning,” said Vega.

The food in her fridge went bad. “I just tossed it,” Vega. 

NV Energy said they were sending out power the whole time.  A spokeswoman told 13 Action News the problem was management’s responsibility. 

Vega said management wouldn’t give her a straight answer from management.

 A woman from management who would give the name “Grace” was waiting for us right next to our news vehicle so we asked her ourselves.

When asked if she could tell us when the power will be back on, the woman from management responded “they’re working diligently on it. No I cannot.”

A little more than two hours later the lights were back on.

“It’s quite interesting isn’t it?” Vega asked “I’m relieved that they made the effort.”