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Registrar of voters confident Clark County will meet Thursday deadline

Election 2020 Nevada Vote Counting
Posted at 8:59 AM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 14:47:17-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The ballot count in Clark County is coming to a close with just days to go before every ballot must be counted.

Despite the slow and steady approach the election department has had so far, Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria says he remains confident that the department will have every vote counted and in the system by Thursday's deadline.

He anticipates plenty of time to complete the canvas and certify the results.

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Gloria says every mail vote that arrived before today has been counted, with just seven arriving today. This is the last day for mail ballots to come in.

From here, the only votes left are ID required or cure ballots.

A cure ballot is when the voter has to either fix a ballot or provide proof of ID to have their vote counted.

No word on how many of those will make it through, but Gloria says it is a manually reviewed process that takes a good bit of time.

The Secretary of State's office is also reviewing roughly 60,000 provisional ballots for eligibility, and those will be counted by Thursday as well.

All of this has come under heavy criticism from the Trump campaign and Republican operatives. Criticism that the secretary of state and Attorney General Aaron Ford have pushed back on.

"It's not uncommon for either of those offices to reach out when they have questions about what we do here," Gloria said. "We're always open and honest about what we do, and I think that resulted in the support we receive here in Clark County."

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"Not because of me personally," he added, "but because of what we do working with our [district attorney] and all of the people who make sure things are run correctly in Clark County."

"So I'm not surprised by their support," Gloria concluded. "They're very aware of what we do, and we're very glad we have their support."

Attorney General Ford spent a good portion of yesterday pushing back on claims from former Attorney General Adam Laxalt of widespread voter fraud in Clark County. As of now, those claims are unfounded.

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Ford says his office is ready and willing to investigate any such claim if someone submits a formal complaint, something Laxalt hasn't done.

The entire count and canvas to certify the results must be complete by Nov. 16.

Watch the full Tuesday presser below.

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