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Jeffra Trumpower gives advice about talking to family about politics

Posted at 7:59 AM, Nov 04, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Politics can cause division even among family members and that can make gatherings difficult or uncomfortable.

Jeffra Trumpower, the creative director at Wedding Wire, joins us this morning with ways to talk to your family about politics when you have different views.

Some questions asked:

  • So how do you navigate these conversations where you can still share point of view, but not have the conversations turn into an argument over who's right or wrong?
  • What are the lessons learned from the acrimony in this election, and how can we turn it around in our personal relationships, now?
  • The election results could drag on for weeks which would put us at Thanksgiving, where families and friends typically gather. What's one thing you suggest for people to do or maybe not do when it comes to these political conversations?
  • Will the effects of this hard year linger in our relationships? How do we counter that?
  • In an election this divisive, is it even worth it to express your point of view?
  • Politics can cause a lot of strain in relationships - how do you avoid having politics become the primary focus in your relationship?
  • What posture should we take on social media now? Have we learned anything about online etiquette