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Clark County registrar says count will be complete tonight, approx. 1500 cure ballots left

Call (702) 455-6552 to cure ballot
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Posted at 7:07 AM, Nov 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-12 14:02:19-05

CLARK COUNTY (KTNV) — Thursday is the deadline for all eligible votes cast in the 2020 election to be counted in Clark County.

Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria reiterated during his daily briefing that his office expects the vote count of all eligible ballots to be completed by the deadline.

"What we have left are the provisionals, which after confirming with the staff we expect no difficulties getting those rolled in the system at some point late this afternoon, " he said.

He also says there are around 1,585 ballots that still need to be cured. If you have a ballot that needs to be cured, call (702) 455-6552 for assistance.

Yesterday, an additional 123 ballots were counted.

You can watch a replay of that update below or here.

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Tomorrow, Gloria will deliver the last unofficial vote count during the 10 a.m. briefing.

In the nine days since Election Day, several lawsuits over ballot counting and voter fraud have been the topic of discussion.

As the GOP and the Trump campaign continue to accuse Nevada of voter fraud and the counting of illegal ballots, Attorney General Aaron Ford says their claims lack evidence and many are simply not true.

Ford says he has the most confidence in our county's election department and he says Nevada's election was "free, fair, safe and secure."

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During a call with other state officials on Wednesday, he spoke directly about the situation.

"There has been no evidence of widespread fraud or any wrongdoing," said Ford, "and no PR stunt or powered on litigation from the Trump administration is going to change that fact."

"How do I know? Because they tried to pile on litigation in our state four times," he said. "Because I've been involved in lawsuits, and four times our office has won."


The latest lawsuit that aimed to stop the counting of mail-in ballots was dismissed on Tuesday at the Republican party and Trump campaign's request.

The dismissal comes after the groups tried to withdraw their appeal last week saying a settlement had been reached.