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Clark County Commissioners plan to discuss District C County Commission results

Posted at 7:13 AM, Nov 25, 2020

Clark County Commissioners will reconsider certifying the results from the District C county commission race. That's the race between Ross Miller and Stavros Anthony.

Miller is ahead by just 10 votes.

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But there were more than 100 voting discrepancies, leading commissioners to push for a special election.

Miller recently filed a complaint against the county claiming commissioners overstepped their legal authority by throwing out votes from the general election.

On Wednesday morning Anthony took to Twitter to say:

Weeks ago, residents of District C were notified of Special Election, ordered by County Commission, when Election Director testified he could not certify the accuracy of the election. Now Tick Segerblom wants to nullify that at next Tuesday meeting. OUTRAGEOUS. Let people vote

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The commission will discuss the measure at next Tuesday's board meeting.