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Teen in video identified after prank

Posted at 7:00 PM, Jan 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 21:48:46-05

UPDATE: Simmonelli tells Action News that the suspect in the video has been found. She tells Action News that Henderson and CCSD police were able to identify the teen boy.


A video fad has cost a Henderson woman nearly $1,000 in damage, and now police are searching for the group of teenagers involved.  

If a friend yells "put em in a coffin", that means stop what you're doing, jump up, cross your arms, then slam your body into the nearest object.  Sometimes it's the hood of a stranger's car.  

A Henderson woman has become the latest victim in this social media craze.  

"We were just shocked at the inconsideration and disregard for other people's property," says Terri-Ann Simonelli. 

She says, when she heard a loud noise, she immediately went outside and started running after the teenagers, then coming face to face with one of them.  

"It was sickening, absolutely sickening, I just wanted to grab them and shake them, but then I just wanted to sit them down and have a talk with them," says Simonelli.  

She let the teenagers go, ultimately deciding to let the police deal with them.  Now she's putting up fliers around her neighborhood and nearby school, hoping somebody will recognize the teenagers.  She also hopes to shed some light on a social media fad that could damage people's property.  

"The main thing isn't the money, does that bother me, yes, but it's the fact that these kids need to be taught a lesson," says Simonelli.  

Reports of these pranks are happening all around the county, including Kansas City and Florida.

We also found this video. **WARNING: Language and music in video may be offensive to some.**