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Police making thousands retake free CCW class after complaints class taught incorrectly

Posted at 7:10 PM, Mar 02, 2018

Thousands of people are being made to retake a free Concealed Carry Weapons permit class, after police say the class was taught incorrectly.

13 Action News first reported on the classes back in January. LV Gun Fights hosted the class which was taught by police certified trainers at 3 Dot Sight Group.

Free CCW classes met with mixed reviews on social media

The class was held on February 3 and brought out almost 2,000 people, including Tara King who lost her uncle Brett Schwanbeck during the 1 October shooting.

"People want to feel empowered and protected," King said. "It's all about protecting ourselves and protecting each other."

People who attended the class say they were put through an 8 hour course, including an exam, background check and range qualifications.

The problem came when people said they paid the $96 CCW filing fee to police, who then called to notify attendants their CCW applications had been nullified.

Police confirmed the CCW applications that had been filed were invalid, after receiving complaints the course was taught in 6 hours instead of the required 8 hours.

"In this case we're holding that instructor liable for not going by the statute," said Officer Larry Hadfield with Las Vegas police.

Police did suspend the instructor of the course, but have since reinstated him.

LV Gun Fights owner Nephi Oliva said there were challenges to putting on a massive CCW class, but the course followed all police guidelines.

"We're going to double down and give a million dollars of ccw classes," Oliva said.

Police are allowing LV Gun Fights and 3 Dot Sight Group to continue hosting the free CCW classes. LV Gun Fights will be holding a make up courses this weekend for customers who were impacted by the incident.

Police say if customers do not want to take the course again and have already filed their CCW paperwork they will be refunded.