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Parents give tips to keeping kids safe in Las Vegas summer heat

Posted at 2:58 PM, Jun 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 20:45:58-04

The hottest days of the year are hitting Las Vegas this week, and it will get hotter. Now that the school year is over, families are finding ways to have fun with their kids while staying safe. 

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Splash pads and water parks are popular spots for kids to play when the weather hits triple digits. The water is an obvious best bet to stay cool in the summer sun, but there's always precautions parents are taking. 

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"We come and we bring lots of yummy snacks, and cold drinks," says Jennifer Martinez-Ebner, who was at Red Ridge Park, located near Arby Avenue and Fort Apache Road, with her kids. "And we make sure we're near anywhere there's water."

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Mindy Paul lives right down the street from Red Ridge and brings her 8-year-old son there often. 

"He would probably stay out all day if he could, but obviously dehydration, we want to keep them hydrated. Keep them out of the sun for extended amounts of time."

Parents also keep an eye out on what's around the park. Bleachers, picnic tables, trash cans, and electric boxes are often close to playing areas. If exposed to sun for too long, those objects can heat up fast. Tuesday, a metal box powering the splash pad was over 130 degrees. 

The moms at Red Ridge also preached the essential precautions: sunscreen, limited time in the sun, food and water. Another mom tip, the sooner you can get out of the house, the better.

"I'd say start your play dates a little earlier, when it's not as hot out."