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Suspect: "I confessed because of meth"

Posted at 6:37 PM, Jan 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-08 02:57:02-05
SECOND UPDATE: Paul Applegate, the Pahrump man accused of trying to kill his neighbors to avenge the killing of his mother's dog, did an interview with Action News from behind bars Thursday night.
The attempted murder suspect told us his version of the story after we already spoke with his mother earlier in the day.
Applegate said the reason he confessed to the crime was because he was high on crack and meth. In the interview Thursday, he denied all of the things he originally confessed to the Nye County Sheriff's Office.
"I was high on crack and I was high on meth, said Applegate." "I did not do the shooting at all. All I know is I'm an innocent man being in jail."
Applegate said he wasn't even sure who the victims were. The 21-year old said he and his mom did not have any issues with their neighbors.
"I don't got no problem with the guy," said the suspect. "If the guy is watching this as we speak...I don't know you. I got no problem with you. I have no quarrel with you. I did not shoot your house up."
UPDATE: The suspects's mother, Allyson Applegate, tells Action News that this incident was not about her dog. She says her son fired shots into the air to scare the neighbor. 
Applegate states that the neighbor had been intimidating her for months, and that she has contacted police on at least two separate occasions.
"My son's very protective over me," said Applegate.  
Action News requested the prior call history of the two neighbors from police.
Our crews also made numerous attempts on Thursday to reach the victim for comment.
 Applegate said her son had just moved in with her last month.
He was looking for a new start in his life, and was simply overprotective.
"He just wanted to let the man know I'm here, so leave my mother alone" said Applegate.
On Jan. 1, Nye County Sheriffs were dispatched to a report of shots fired at a residence.
Officers discovered several bullet holes in the front wall and window of the victims residence, some entering near where the residents were seated at the time.
Bullets were recovered from the scene and appeared to be from a .38 caliber firearm.
Detectives continued the investigation on Jan. 4 by speaking with residents in the neighborhood. Residents in the area all reported hearing two separate series of several shots fired 2-3 minutes apart.
Also during the investigation, several residents reported that in November 2014 the victims' dog killed a woman's dog when her dog entered the victims yard and that the woman was still very upset about it.
Detectives interviewed Paul Applegate and his mother, the woman who lost her dog over a year prior. The pair lived two houses from the victims.
Through the course of the interview it was learned that the mother did own a .38 caliber handgun that was unaccounted for. Several .38 caliber bullets and 2 spent shells were located in and around the property.
Later in the interview, Paul Applegate did confess to the shooting in retaliation for the dog attack over a year prior.
He stated that he stood outside the victims house and shot several rounds in the air and then hid in some bushes.
He stated that he didn't feel satisfied so he reloaded the gun and fired several more shots into the house. He expressed a desire to kill the residents for the anguish his mother suffered over the loss of her Pomeranian.
He was transported to the local jail and booked on attempted murder and other charges.