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Owner heartbroken after furry animal costume stolen from storage facility

Posted at 12:08 AM, Sep 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-12 12:06:19-04
Thousands of dollars in property was stolen from a Henderson storage facility, but one item in particular might raise eyebrows.
A "furry animal" suit that looks like a mascot costume was taken, and the owner is heartbroken.
When Steavphan Feasel walks around in his wolf suit, he waves and dances as his alter ego, Oreo.
Feasel says he took on the character as a way to stop being himself for a while, and a way to make friends with other "furries."
"We just see it as a comfort zone because a lot of us are shy," he said. "[It's about] feeling free basically, away from the whole human thing."
The suit is worth $2,600, and now it's gone.
Oreo was stolen from Feasel's unit at Public Storage on Sunset Road in Henderson, along with bicycles, RC cars, and construction equipment.
Cory Ausiello says his unit was also burglarized. His heart sank when he discovered what happened.
"It's really hard to know that the stuff is gone," Ausiello said.
Public Storage's manager wouldn't answer any questions about the burglaries. 13 Action News left a message at the corporate office that wasn't returned.
As for Oreo, a friend of Feasel's spotted the suit on Fremont Street downtown, but that was about a week ago and they're no closer to finding the costume now than when it was first taken.