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Opinions vary on redistricting CCSD

Posted at 12:10 AM, Jan 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-15 15:04:43-05
A town hall meeting was held Thursday night where parents and students had the chance to share their opinion about breaking up Clark County School District, the 5th largest school district in the nation.
What exactly this will mean remains a big question. There's so many unknowns right now because they are in in the beginning phase of the reorganization process.
Not even 100 people showed up for a town hall meeting put on by the city and the county to discuss reorganizing the Clark County School District.
A bill passed last year allows a committee to study to pros and cons of turning CCSD into five or more separate school districts. Opinions about it vary widely among parents, teachers, and students.
"I question how many changes will really be made because of it," said CCSD middle school teacher Anna Slighting.
"I think that it is a good idea because our district is so large, however, if it's done correctly, you know, making sure everyone has the same opportunity," said parent and educator Kasina Douglas-Boone.
Action News asked officials how much something like this would cost. We were told anywhere between free and $50,000,000.
"I believe that the cost of reorganization is going to outweigh the benefits," said Slighting.
Members of the public took the opportunity in the Q&A period to ask what the real purpose of the division would be. City and county authorities answered by saying it's less about breaking down the district and more about decentralizing authority within the district.
"I do agree there are inefficiencies that I am not certain those inefficiencies can be resolved by a district wide reorganization," said Slighting.
Some seniors from Legacy High School in North Las Vegas weren't sure how effective the change would be. But they wanted to share their input because of their younger siblings going through CCSD.
"I feel like they are going to have to do a lot in one year and it probably won't be perfect the first year but maybe after that they can try to fix whatever is wrong," said Legacy High School senior Jakelya Hall.
No officials from CCSD were present at the meeting tonight. In a tweet, they told Action News it was because they were at a separate meeting to ratify the teacher contract. City officials told Action News the reason was because they don't agree with the reorganization of the district.