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Nonprofit creates mobile pantry to help feed Las Vegas refugees

Non-profit creates mobile pantry to help feed Las Vegas refugees
Posted at 11:47 PM, Nov 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 11:43:05-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Las Vegas nonprofit organization has created a “Mobile Pantry” to help feed refugees in the valley.

This group has given many a second chance at life. Leila is an African refugee who has been a part of Lighthouse Charities for nearly three years.

“They have the opportunity for us, like food, clothes, shoes, so anything you want,” said Leila.

Cindy Trussel is the founder and president of Lighthouse Charities, a nonprofit organization helping refugees like Leila become self-reliant, but many refugees struggle when they first arrive in the United States. Many refugees are unable to drive, they face language barriers, and a challenge to put food on the table.

“it is a humanitarian crisis here in Las Vegas for those that are coming in and I think it is our responsibility as a community to make sure they don’t end up on our streets.," Trussel said.

Trussel responded to the call for action. She started a project called “Mobile Pantry”. Her organization works with the food bank to help deliver meals to families’ doorsteps like Pascal Bahati’s, another refugee from Africa.

“When I get food from here that food helps my family and my neighbor,” Bahati said.

Trussel says 150 families from Afghanistan and more than 2,000 from around the world are expected to arrive in Vegas in the next couple of months.

“Many of these families are victims of war and religious persecution and it is our job to help these families when they arrive,” Trussel said.

She says not only do we need to take care of those who are already here but also ensure there’s a stable system for those coming in.

“We have been able to assign refugee clients, those that have reached their goals of self-sufficiency they are going to manage distribution sites throughout the valley to help feed those new incoming families,” explained Trussel.

If you would like to help Lighthouse Charities with their new project you can visit their website for a link to the list of items they are looking for.

They are also in need of volunteers and if you would like to donate click here to access their website.