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NY, FL firefighters conduct drill on High Roller

Posted at 6:34 AM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 21:02:07-05

Firefighters dangled high over the Las Vegas Strip Wednesday morning.

Weeks after Las Vegas firefighters conducted a drill on the High Roller, firefighters from New York and Florida conducted a training.

The High Roller has a custom-made zip line pulley system that rescuers can use to get the rim, hundreds of feet into the sky.

Orlando, Florida has a wheel similar to the High Roller, but New York City doesn't. There are plans for one, though.

"It's a hands on opportunity for us. We don't have that back in New York. We don't have a wheel yet. We don't have anything of this type or capability," said Richard Blatus, a battalion chief in New York City.

The training was expected to wrap up around noon and happen again on Thursday.


Just spoke with some of the firefighters from Florida and nyc. This is one man's answer when I asked what it was like repelling from the high roller's cabins. #unafraid #fearless

Posted by Parker Collins on Wednesday, February 24, 2016