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New technology could help protect Las Vegas kids in school

Posted at 8:18 AM, Aug 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 13:48:16-04

Another student was caught with a firearm on campus. Clark County School District police say it happened at Sierra Vista High School Tuesday morning.

This is the third time since school started that a CCSD student has been caught with a gun at school.

While no one was threatened in any of those cases, the reality is scary for parents, staff and students alike. But now one local company wants to do something, to help keep our schools safe.

Local company Technovation Solutions developed new ways to keep students safe. They're in talks with a few local schools interested in increasing security. 

First, a facial recognition system for schools. 

CEO Peg Mcgregor explains, "If you have somebody walking in who is not in the database it would give you a signal saying by the way this person is not recognized and you can either have a security guard there or a teacher there." 

The cameras can detect motion and face points so it's accurate even if someone wears a mask to cover half his or her face.

Second, an app called Be-Hive which can be installed in most smartphones and even walkie-talkies bus drivers use.

When there's danger, teachers can send out an alert to the entire group. It also establishes a direct line of communication with first responders to guide them. The app is free for first responders. 

Drew Mclothin of Technovation Solutions says, "They can see what classroom 502 says that it's in an emergency when all the other classrooms are showing that their safe."

Lastly, Teacher Lock -- a military grade door lock that meets fire code standards.

A student or teacher can easily lock and unlock the door from the inside with a special key, unlike standard classroom doors that are locked from the outside. 

It can also be easily disengaged with a push of a button in case of an emergency inside the classroom. 

"Sadly all of the events that we have had spawned this kind of development because there's a need for it now much more straightforwardly than before," says McGregor.

There are different price points regarding what type of technology a school may be interested in depending on its budget.