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Nevada Youth Soccer Association returning to the field

Posted at 8:59 PM, Oct 09, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Nevada Youth Soccer Association got approved their "return to play" plan for games Thursday by the Department of Business and Industry of Nevada.

And soccer fields like the Kellog Zaher Sports Complex will be back in action, much to the delight of the youth soccer community in the valley.

A return to league play protocols and procedure plan was released this week with guidelines and responsibilities for clubs, players, coaches, parents, and referees.

"How is the field going to be set up? What kind of cleaning process is going to be used? Who's wearing masks? How are we implementing that?" Melanie Stafford, NYSA executive director, said.

In-action players and referees won't be required to wear a mask, but everyone else will - that includes players on the sidelines.

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"Referees will be instructed not to start games until everyone's is following the guidelines, and that's for everyone's safety," Stafford said.

For Shatema Conrad and her family, life revolves around soccer. Her daughter, Daija Turner, has been a soccer player since she was four years old. And the last time she played with her team was back in February.

"They definitely have been itching and waiting to get out, and we are so excited that everything is moving in the right direction and back to the field," Conrad said.

And after reading the plan, she says she feels confident and can't wait to see her 15-year-old daughter playing against other teams.

Games are scheduled over the weekend in Northern Nevada and next week in Southern Nevada.