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Nevada ranks 3rd in number of flu cases per capita

Posted at 3:03 PM, Feb 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-03 18:04:56-05

It's been a particularly dangerous flu season this year, with a total of 18 deaths in Clark County as of Feb. 2.

Those who are 65 or older are at greater risk, as 80 percent of flu deaths involve that particular age group.

But younger age groups are still at risk, especially if they have chronic illnesses. A local family says that their 12-year-old child died less than 48 hours after being diagnosed with the flu.  

According to Sickweather, an app that tracks disease outbreaks, Nevada has the third highest number of flu cases per capita in the U.S. Oklahoma is in first place, and Tennessee is the runner-up.

The Top 10 Flu States are as follows:

1. Oklahoma
2. Tennessee
3. Nevada
4. Texas
5. Alabama
6. Louisiana
7. Kentucky
8. California
9. Arizona
10. Georgia

Sickweather also tracked the Top 10 Flu Metro Areas, which are ranked by the number of reported cases per 100,000 people:

1. Austin, Texas
2. Lubbock, Texas
3. Oklahoma City, Okla.
4. Waco-Temple-Bryan, Texas
5. Casper-Riverton, Wyo. 
6. Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas
7. New Orleans, La.
8. Indianapolis, Ind.
9. Birmingham, Ala.  
10. San Diego, Calif.

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