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Nevada National Guard explains role, debunks misconceptions

Posted at 7:46 AM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 11:10:07-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — In response to the growing number of coronavirus cases, Gov. Sisolak activated the Nevada National Guard.

This morning we are getting a better idea on what role they will play. Maj. Gen. Ondra L. Berry serves as the Adjutant General for the State of Nevada and he says guardsmen have always been in our community. They'll just be more visible in the coming days.

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"We know it's going to be tied into logistics in terms of the resources coming in based on the needs of Nevada, making sure that we have the right equipment, making sure that it gets to the right location all around the state."

Berry says those resources include equipment like personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies. There's a possibility they'll be doing security as well, but they haven't identified any places that need that yet.

The guardsmen also have PPEs and they're also taking precautions so they can do their job to protect Nevadans.

He is also debunking misconceptions saying the guardsmen will not be on the streets policing people, demanding they stay inside their homes.

"We hear a lot about martial law, not happening. And that needs some major catastrophe, law enforcement has lost control or is not available and that is some of the biggest fallacies out there. The guard is not in that role. I just want to put that to bed that is not happening."

The more than 100 men and women moved to active duty come from various training backgrounds including medical, security and transportation. The guardsmen will be split evenly between northern and Southern Nevada.