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Nevada Connections Academy in danger of closing

Graduation rates need to increase
Posted at 8:00 PM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 00:01:13-04

Daniel Schwartz is one of thousands of students who attend online charter school Nevada Connections Academy.

He has high functioning autism, and both Daniel and his mom say a brick and mortar education was too distracting. Daniel was bullied at school and his mom said he would just take it all internally and come home with it.

So, a virtual online program has become his only solution for success, but it may not be around much longer.

If the school doesn't meet the state's 60 percent required graduation rate, the students' classes could be shut off.

"Our hands are tied because the law says if they don't meet these minimum rates, then we have to step and reconstitute the board or revoke the charter," said Brian Scroggins with the state Public Charter School Authority.

State officials say Nevada Connections is one of two online charter schools the state says it may be forced to close because of low graduation rates.

"It's not our goal to ever shut down a charter school, especially mid year," Scroggins said.

Nevada Connections says it's implemented plans to help pull those numbers up.

But Steve Werlein, Nevada Connections principal, says with 40 percent of its students coming in credit deficient, the state's formulas for calculating graduation percentages is not fairly measured.

Any closure would happen next year.