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Nevada Air Guard set to team with active duty Air Force's 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron

Posted at 10:40 AM, Jun 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-10 13:40:13-04

The Nevada Air National Guard will team with the active duty Air Force to form a classic association with the already established 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron located here at Nellis Air Force Base, Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Ondra Berry announced today. A classic association is a squadron made up of both active duty and the National Guard personnel. An active duty Air Force unit – in this case the 422nd – retains principal responsibility for the squadron’s assigned weapon system or systems and shares the equipment. Within the classic associate structure, the active-duty and National Guard retain separate organizational structures and chains of command. The Nevada Guardsmen will report to the Nevada Air National Guard State Headquarters in Carson City.

The 422nd TES at Nellis Air Force Base is the premier Air Force squadron that performs operational test and evaluation for many airframes, including A-10, F-15C, F-15E, F-16, F-22, and F-35. The squadron evaluates hardware, software, and weapons upgrades prior to fielding and conducts tactics development, foreign materiel exploitation, and special access programs to optimize system combat capability. The squadron also conducts field visits to instruct operational aircrews on new systems and tactics. The 53rd Test and Evaluation Group at Nellis Air Force Base and the 53rd Wing based at Eglin AFB, Fla., provides oversight of the 422nd.

The Nevada Air Guardsmen will conduct F-35, F-22, and F-16 operational test and will be comprised of operational test pilots. Additionally, the newly formed squadron will support the Virtual Test and Training Center as well as provide F-35 maintenance support.

“As commander-in-chief of the Nevada National Guard, I am very proud to celebrate this historic achievement,” said Nevada governor Steve Sisolak, “Nellis Air Force Base is home to the very best combat aviators in the world, and our Nevada citizen-airmen will be key to the continued success of this significant national defense mission.