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Neighbors protest plan to expand Wells Cargo asphalt plant

Posted at 6:57 PM, Nov 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 21:57:34-05

Some valley homeowners say they haven't had a breath of fresh air for years.

People living near an asphalt plant in Spring Valley say they're fed up. The plant is on the west side of the valley near Spring Mountain Road and Tenaya Way.

Wells Cargo wants to build a second one but neighbors are protesting. Neighbors are worried things are only getting worse.

"We cannot open the door. We can't leave the window open because of the dust," says James Yu. He lives in one of the neighborhoods next to Wells Cargo's asphalt plant.

Hundreds of homeowners like him are concerned about dirt, health issues, and noise coming from the plant. 

They have been fighting the company for years.


"All neighbors should be able to enjoy outside their homes," says Yu.

Some neighbors say air pollution has so bad, they have to wear a mask like this even in their own backyard!

They are also worried for students in the school next to the asphalt plant.

With Wells Cargo wanting to build a second asphalt plant in the area, homeowners are organizing a protest Saturday.

"We would like to stop the air pollution and get this cleaned up," says Ron Hawkins.

Wells Cargo has been operating in Spring Valley since 1954. As more houses were built around it, a representative told 13 Action News they "have taken aggressive and proactive approaches" to their operation to minimize impact.

Clark County Department of Air Quality says Wells Cargo is compliant with federal health based standards.

"It is quite frustrating and instead of the situation getting better I'm so afraid it's going the other way," says Yu.

The county will be listening to what people have to say about Well Cargo's request during a public hearing on the 27th of November. 

"I have every confidence in county leaders, commissioners, I have, again, every confidence in them so I'm sure they will do the right thing for the residents," says Yu.